There’s a band playing

About a million years ago I fell in love with a song. I know, another one. But this one, this one was really special. It had something other songs just didn’t have. Rythym. Lyrics that touched my heart.

It was Roxy Music’s Oh Yeah (On The Radio) and the rhythm of rhyming guitars still does it for me. *sigh*

Anyway pop-pickers, you can hear my own selection of corny old songs (and some new corny songs too) at Radio Castle on my show, the LifeBoat Party.

It’s on Monday at noon BST. If you miss it you can listen again if you make like a dolphin and click here. As we say down the station.

Any requests, let me know – we’ve got 21,000 songs on the system apart from the awful old stuff I bring in as well.



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