Another brilliant review on Goodreads

Just got a really nice review on Goodreads for Not Your Heart Away:


Thoroughly enjoyed Not Your Heart Away, found it a bit difficult at first to get into but then found I couldn’t stop reading it, fascinating story which you couldn’t wait to see what happened next, the ending was absolutely brilliant, completely different than how I expected it to be, a book definately worth reading, Carl Bennett has written Not Your Heart Away so that you get a real understanding of each character, you feel that you are with them totally in their thoughts and actions, a book I would certainly recommend reading.



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Turned out nice after all

Not Your Heart Away is getting some really lovely reviews. I haven’t done what some people have recommended, paid for them, not after I found someone in India advertising his services on Linkedin. Apparently you can just pay someone to ‘review’ your book. If you haven’t got any customers and you write crap you probably need to. If you can live with yourself afterwards is another matter.

But anyway, I didn’t pay. I can’t believe anyone would, but they obviously do.

You can find the latest five-star Amazon review I haven’t paid forĀ here. I have not spoken to this person in the flesh for over 25 years, so I was quite touched to read this.




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