Lifeboat Launch – Again

I did the sixth Lifeboat Party show today at Radio Castle. It’s on every Monday, noon till one and I could tell before I got there that just about everything that could go wrong was going to er, go wrong. Different studio. Different mixing desk.

Couldn’t remember the wifi password. Lead was too short to plug the laptop in. The mix was different through the headphones to the level it was at in the other studio. I’m really sorry, ok? It got better as I improvised a way around it.

But it wasn’t what it should have been. Sorry.

Good parenting

I emailed my mother about the show. We don’t talk much. There’s a reason. But I thought I’d make the effort. I’vbe got this show, I said. Here’s the link, so you can listen to it. Within the week I got a reply.

“As you know, I don’t really like that sort of music.”

I am so glad I bothered. No, really I am.


Listen Again. Just do it. Please.

You can listen again to all the Lifeboat Party shows here. 

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