Dear Ebay

Please, if you’re going to email me in English, please learn to speak it in a way that doesn’t patronise me and tell lies at the same time. Thank-you.

No, this simply is not true. I made EBay aware of at least six fake ‘dovo’ razors. They were all still there for sale.

I also do not understand how you/Ebay can pretend my listing was removed “for my own safety.” What danger was I in, exactly?

My lack of understanding is this: Why is it ok to list fake razors? Why won’t EBay ever do anything about removing and banning sellers who repeatedly list fake razors?

I am sick and tired of Ebay’s sanctimonious and hypocritical attitude. Look at this listing

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  • Cut-Throat-Razor-Damascus-Steel-Jeffery-Straight-Grooming-Vintage-west-Todd-dovo
  • Cut-Throat-Razor-Damascus-Steel-Jeffery-Straight-Grooming-Vintage-west-Todd-dovo
  • Cut-Throat-Razor-Damascus-Steel-Jeffery-Straight-Grooming-Vintage-west-Todd-dovo

Have one to sell? Sell it yourself

Cut Throat Razor Damascus Steel Jeffery Straight Grooming Vintage west Todd dovo

It is totally fake. The same way it was fake yesterday, the same way it was fake when I first reported it. Ebay refuses to do anything about it. The word dovo is listed clearly.

Dovo is a registered company in Germany. Every single one of their blades has the word DOVO stamped on it. This does not. This means it has nothing to do with the DOVO factory. This listing is fake. This seller sells fakes. Every one of his razors that says ‘dovo‘ in the ad is an ad for a fake. And I have told you this, by email,  repeatedly.


I don’t expect a real answer because Ebay can do no wrong in its own eyes. I have been scammed out of money by fake buyers and Ebay’s attitude is simply a) I have to sort it out myself (b) tough.

Get these fake razors off eBay. Get the fake seller off Ebay for good, as he never sells anything else. Until then, please do not lecture me about my safety.

Best regards and my eternal hatred,


And I’m not even going to bother mentioning the fake ‘damascus’ steel which a pound to a penny is just rubbish metal etched with acid, not fine metal folded, hammered, folded and hammered hundreds of times so the edge when it’s sharpened is a sharks’ mouth of tiny ridges of steel. For #29. Sure it is, eBay. Sure it is.

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