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I sent off the MS of Not Your Heart Away on Tuesday night. Maybe it was Monday. Either way, I thought their idea of delivering a paper proof copy to me by Friday, today, all the way from America to Suffolk was pretty optimistic. I was right. They didn’t do it.

Instead, they sent it via UPS who delivered it yesterday and it wasn’t their fault I wasn’t in. It was wholly my fault I didn’t answer the door this morning, but I was only wearing a dressing gown and trying to concentrate on a TV script I’ve got to finish to first draft by Wednesday week.

Three days, to publish a book in paperback and deliver it 4,000 miles away. It makes traditional publishing schedules look like a bad joke, one Queen Victoria might have been unamused by.

The other good news today was seeing not only that sales on Kindle have actually started, but I also rather more pressingly got the first royalty payments into my bank account. It’s a start.

If you do buy it – and obviously, you should – please leave a review, whatever you think of it.

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