Every picture tells a story

The picture at the top of this blog has attracted some comments over the months it’s been up. Where is it? Haunting. Beautiful.


It was taken near the harbour mouth at Southwold either late in 2012 or early, very early, this year, 2013, on an iPhone, looking north, towards the pier. It had been raining heavily and there’d been a storm so there was a shallow lagoon on the beach, the water in the photo. I haven’t been there many times since.

By chance

Someone was walking along to give the shot some depth and perspective.  I don’t know who. I never shall.

Would it have been a better picture without anyone in it? I think the person locates it, gives it something that however beautiful and haunting that place is, would have been totally lacking without that one single, apparently insignificant person.

Because that’s the thing about insignificant people. They aren’t. Nobody is.

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