Live groupies

I’ve just finished the first live music broadcast on the Lifeboat Party today when I had Jack Pescod and Hannah Vogt in to play. She played the violin, so that was no problem apart from pronouncing her name properly. Vocked, apparently. German. Don’t mention the war. I did, but I think I got away with it.

He said he was bringing a piano in. How we roared! Until he turned up with an electric piano in a case, with a stand and a collection of tangled leads but not one that would feed directly into the mixing desk, so we had to mic it up which picked up the noise of his hands on the keyboard and blah. But the music was sublime. I thought so anyway. Hope the listeners did.

The duo – is that the right word? It doesn’t sound right, although they do – are performing at Butley Priory, home to Frances Shelley who was on the show recently. I’m doing some lyrics for her. Did I mention that? Didn’t I? Oh sorry. I’m doing some lyrics for her, for her third CD. The one of hers I played today was from her second album, the beautiful All I Want from the album Wilderness Rhapsodies.

I love the little piano line. It reminds me of Listen With Mother, not exactly but to me there’s an element of some half-forgotten children’s story, from the times when little boys wore shorts and knee length socks at this time of year.

The show finished at one pm. At five past we had a phone call at the studio. Is the Carl Bennett show still on? Have I missed it?

Don’t know who it was. But whoever, you can hear still hear it on the Listen Again thing. I hope you like it, whoever you are.


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Slowly Close The Door


Step into the midnight garden.

Slowly close the door.

I feel the ghost of you beside me.

Thinking about the times that you were here.

Feel the eyes of all the people here before.

Love hangs heavy here.


We talked out here on summer nights.

All those evenings slipped away.

How did we get to be the people that we are?

When you get love make it stay.


Hello loneliness I missed you not at all.

Hello, just another girl I knew.

Hello memories and snapshots in the rain

Reading all the writing on the wall.


I remember how it felt when I was young.

So intense and never real at all.

Now we know so much about

The people we’ve become

How come I still ride out to fall?


Someone told me less is more.

Said it just to help me on my way.

No-one told me that you’d take my heart

And leave it out of doors.

Should’ve listened when you never said you’d stay.


Hello loneliness I missed you not at all.

Hello just another girl I knew.

Hello memories and snapshots in the rain.

Reading all the writing on the wall.

(I’m reading all the writing on the wall.)



Is someone having a laugh or what?

This is something I wrote just recently for Frances Shelley who asked me if I’d like to do some lyrics. When I got up off the floor I realised it wasn’t a joke at all.

I drew on things that had happened to me; the midnight garden I stepped into once, a long, long time ago, the one that became the garden that Ben stepped into in Not Your Heart Away , as well as my own midnight garden I stepped into here. I thought about something that happened this past summer.

This is what came out. It might come out alright yet. The lyric might be ok with a bit of work too.


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