Sixteen grand

“Serco is an international service company that improves the quality and efficiency of essential services that matter to millions of people.”

That’s why they’re offering £16,271 to someone to do something they say is essential, in an efficient and quality-conscious way.

I’m not even going to bother saying maybe it’s me because it isn’t. It’s just the tidal wave of bullshit that pours out of people’s mouths these days. The flat refusal to see any difference at all between what you do and what you say. Or what you pay.

Last time I looked, assuming there are 48 working weeks in a year and 40 hours in a working week, there were 1,920 working hours per year.

£8.40 an hour. Less tax. You’re going to take home £270 per week. £14,019 per year. £1,168 per month. In London you might easily be paying £750 a month rent to share a two-bed flat in say, Kings Cross, unless you want to pay in fares what you save in rent.

Somehow if I was getting that it wouldn’t make me feel very essential. But it doesn’t really matter. It’s just something to put in the ad. Words, as the Tweedles Dum and Dee and Tony Blair all agreed, mean exactly what you want them to mean, no more and no less. All you have to do is establish who’s the master of them.

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