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I must admit I found the first few pages of Not Your Heart Away a little hard going, but I have learnt that this does not always lead to a bad read. I persevered and I am glad that I did as this turned out to be a corker of a book with an unexpected ending that stirred up some wonderful memories of my youth. I identified with most of the characters and believe anyone who reads this book will also recognise people and situations from their past. I found after the first couple of chapters that I couldn’t wait to return to the book. The late seventies and eighties carefree days came flooding back, as did a number of awkward situations. I hope we get a follow up as I would love to see how the characters develop, especially Ben and Liz’s friendship. More please..

And no, I didn’t change a single word of that. You can see for yourself, along with all the other lovely reviews of Not Your Heart Away. Did I ask for the reviews? Yes, of course I did. Did I dictate them? No. Did I know all the people who wrote them? No to that too.

That’s what makes them particularly satisfying. Apart from the fact they’re all really nice reviews.

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