Snape Golden Key Open Mic

Another brilliant Steven Lay Open-Mic where my desperate despairing poetry flatteringly described as “raw” and “hypnotic”(look into my eyes, not around my eyes but into my eyes) and I will be introduced as the main cultural event, which is flattering but not true.

The Golden Key used to be an Old People’s Pub and still sometimes resembles Conservative Central Office circa 1988, which is probably about right. So I won’t be doing my poem about the minimum wage. I will be doing the usual panoply of thwarted love and a slightly spooky piece about ghosts trapped in photographs, or how photos make ghosts of us all. Boo! It’s behind you!!

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Start Date: 2014-02-21
End Date: 2014-02-21

Golden Key pub, Snape, Suffolk. Oh come on, you do know where it is. Snape's not a big place.

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