Open mic at The Anchor

Steven and Clarissa inimitably laying it down.
Steven and Clarissa inimitably laying it down.

7:30 The Anchor, Woodbridge, Steven Lay’s brilliantly fabulous open mic night and me.

It’s been a productive week so there’s a slew of new poetry and best of all, the evenings and mornings are getting lighter. Don’t worry, my songs without music are still as despairing and passive aggressive as ever though, whatever the weather.

How good can an open mic in a small town on a Sunday night be? Really, really good. The last one closed with the best version of Sympathy For The Devil I’ve ever heard; the most amazing thing was that it was totally acoustic.

See you there and let’s invent a new custom – the performers get bought a drink. How wild would that be?

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Start Date: 2014-03-02
End Date: 2014-03-02

The Anchor, Woodbridge. Down by the quay.

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