Big Words

I used to know this girl.

She was really, stunningly pretty, thin, even wore a jumpsuit and stockings. Yes, at the same time. You could tell.  It was a long time ago. About the time Not Your Heart Away was set. From here, from this impossible distance away I’d have said something to me about it. Of course I would. But what more could anyone possibly want at 19?

Well, someone who didn’t think ‘big words’ was an insult might have been an idea. Except when I’m getting bogged down writing things I can hear that still, when I’m taking fifteen words to write something that really should have taken five.

Try it. Visualise a really pretty face about six inches from your own, lips parted, the eyes modestly lowered and then they lock onto yours. The lips part gently, the lovely teeth gleam and then that voice screams: “BIG WORDS” straight at you. Sorry. Were  you expecting something else to happen there?

It’s all in the delivery, isn’t it? Maybe she was right after all.

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