A rose by any other

Words don’t mean anything you want them to mean, unless you happen to be Tweedle Dum and/or Dee, (not to be confused with Simon Dee, obviously, or Cyril Henty-Dodd, as he answered to in court. I know. I’m really sorry about that too, but you know, I didn’t do it) and/or Tony Blair or someone like that, the kind of person who says God wanted them to tell lies.

Which isn’t me, really. So on the basis that words do actually matter I’m trying to find a name for the stand-up stuff I do, and a stage name to go with it. Maybe my own name is fine. I don’t know.

Inga Haselmann.
Songs without music. Some people like them.

SoI thought I’d ask the audience, or the proportion of audience that goes on Facebook and the interwebs, anyway.

Click just here to go to my fabulous survey.

I’m on at the Golden Key, Snape tonight, at Steven Lays Open Mic night hosted by the utterly yummy Inga Haselmann.

See you there.




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